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An overview of panic attack and tips to deal with the situation amid COVID-19 by Vic Di Criscio

Vic Di Criscio

People live in uncertain and scary times, which have resulted in an increased search for information on panic attacks and anxiety.  Vic Di Criscio these are pressing problems related to the current situation resulting from the degree of anxiety. Pressure is a functional human emotion that needs proper evaluation as it is a warning sign for other related disorders. The global pandemic has witnessed an increase in danger and threat all across the world. It has increased with a feeling of fear and uncertainty. Anxiety is a problem that tells the brain that everything is dangerous, hence, increasing the sense of risk.

Vic Di Criscio provides readers valuable insight on panic attack

  • Anxiety is the primary reason behind the panic attack. It happens when people misinterpret something as dangerous. It takes place when they are bombarded with messages of danger and threat all around. Panic attacks usually occur when the anxiety level is high, and people cannot control their emotions. According to Vic Di Criscio, these false alarms create a feeling of real danger in an individual. As a result, you are motivated to take action resulting from an adrenaline rush. It results in a high heart rate, breathing rate, which pumps extra oxygen to the muscles when the brain comes under the impression that they are in danger, causing a sudden panic attack.
  • When a panic attack happens, some physical sensations may get noticed, encompassing feeling sick, pounding heart, upset stomach, shaking, sweating, and hyperventilating. Along with it, intrusive thoughts occur as you may die shortly, something terrible is about to happen, you may not be able to cope with the situation, you may lose control of the problem, and that you are going crazy. All this results in a change of behavior, which encompasses running to the loo, avoiding certain places, getting angry, and running away to reach safety.
  • The feeling of unsafe usually triggers panic attacks. People face a struggle with public transport and social situations. Moreover, changes in the body may also trigger a panic attack. It includes an increase in alcohol intake, drinking caffeine, which may result in heart palpitations.
  • When a person gets stuck with a panic attack, they must breathe slowly through the nose and breathe out through the mouth. Try to find distractions into activities that relax your senses. It may be drawing a picture or listening to music. Also, try to reassure yourself that you are misinterpreting the world as threatening and that you are safe and sound with full control over the situation. Soothing yourself are essential, encompassing activities like listening to music, chewing candy, watching television, etc. It helps increase the feeling of groundedness and prevents panic attacks.

In case of a panic attack, all you need to do is stay calm and relaxed. Try to divert your mind from negative thoughts and emotions and focus on happy moments to relieve your senses. In such a crisis, you have to ensure to keep yourself calm and do not over think about COVID-19.

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